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HTF 171 Série

HTF 171-01 Fire Resistant Filing / Document Cabine

Réf.: HTF 171-01
HTF 171-01 Dokumentenschrank

Détails à HTF 171-01

External dimensions: 1964 x 1064 x 491 mm HxWxD
Interior dimensions: 1876 x 980 x 407 mm
Weight approx. 440 kg
- Fire protection according NT FIRE 017-90P
- Fire resistance 90 minutes
- Flame impingement according to EN 1363 of interior and exterior
- Building material with surface coating non-combustible, classification A2 -
both sides coated - non-flammable tested according to DIN 4102
Part 1 - installation in escape and rescue routes possible
- High chemical resistance, surface characteristics in
accordance with EN 438-2
- Door opening angle ca. 180°
- Door closer with closing sequence control/
arresting device for double-leaf filing/documents cabinets
- High access or intrusion protection
- Smoke protection
- Smoke and fire seals, automatically expand in case of fire
- Protection against external impacts from dust and dirt
- Can be dismantled and is therefore usable for hard-to-access
- Fixture for back-wall anchorage
Basic configuration:
- 4 shelves, adjustable in height,
75 kg load capacity per shelf
- Door handle with profile half cylinder - Integration in the
House locker system possible
- Light grey, similar to RAL 7035, ABS edges grey
Dimensions extérieures Dimensions intérieures Autres informations
Hauteur: 1964 mm Hauteur: 1876 mm Poids: 290 kg
Largeur: 1064 mm Largeur: 980 mm Volume: 376 l
Profondeur: 491 mm Profondeur: 407 mm Niveau de sécurité: -----