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HTF AP Série

HTF AP 900/G5 Single walled filing cabinets

Réf.: HTF AP 900/G5
ARMYPROTECT/900/DI ZKS S&G 8550 2-flg

Détails à HTF AP 900/G5

External dimensions: 1960x1000x500 mm HxWxD
Interior dimensions: 1954x994x400 mm HxWxD
Weight approx. 205 kg
- Special safe for the military and authorities
- Sealed door panel plating
- 5-digit door opening counter
- Every cabinet comes with a serial number
- Log book keeping allows each procedure
(entry/removal) to be tracked and traced
- Single-walled corpus, 2 mm
- Door thickness 70 mm
- Double-leaf door: DIN right/left-hinged door
Basic configuration:
- 1 fixed shelf canted for suspension files
- 5 shelves, adjustable in height
- Tap-proof number combination lock
- RAL 9006 white aluminium
Dimensions extérieures Dimensions intérieures Autres informations
Hauteur: 1960 mm Hauteur: 1954 mm Poids: 205 kg
Largeur: 1000 mm Largeur: 994 mm Volume: 776 l
Profondeur: 500 mm Profondeur: 400 mm Niveau de sécurité: -----